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Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocolonely - MILK CARAMEL SEA SALT

Tony’s Chocolonely - MILK CARAMEL SEA SALT

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Right now there's modern slavery in cocoa farms in West Africa, as a result of an unevenly divided cocoa chain. Tony's Chocolonely exists to change that.

Their vision is 100% slave-free chocolate...not just Tony's but all chocolate worldwide. It's a super-cool common-sense manifesto - trading directly with farmer co-ops, paying farmers a fair price in return for long-term sales guarantees, and reinvesting in agricultural knowledge and education to improve their productivity and dependency.

The Milk Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate bar has a classic milk chocolate flavour, elevated to new heights with the addition of crunchy caramel and flakes of sea salt. It's sweet and salty deliciousness that you won't be able to resist!

 Ingredients: Sugar, dry whole milk, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, caramel pieces (sugar, wheat syrup, cream (milk), butter (milk)), sea salt, soy lecithin. May contain traces of Eggs, Peanuts and Tree nuts.

Made in Belgium

May contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts, milk and tree nuts.
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