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Wild Things

Wild Things Gallery Board Sock - RASPBERRY

Wild Things Gallery Board Sock - RASPBERRY

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Wild Things Board Socks are made from a combination of white nylon and high bulk acrylic yarn for strength and durability.

The material does not absorb or hold water and is also UV resistant - designed to withstand long days on the roof racks.

These socks also feature a vinyl nose cap, marine grade nylon drawcord and plastic adjustable toggle. Available in a variety of lengths to fit anything from your shorty to your longboard.

A sock will protect your board from going brown on the roof and from little knocks in the car. Keeps your wax where you need it - not on your car seats!

100% Handmade in Byron Bay, Australia

SIZING- Boardsocks are sized in feet & inches (ie. 96 will be 9 foot 6 inches )


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